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Common elements of literary fiction

If you’re trying to write fiction that lasts and tell the readers their stories, consider some of the elements mythologist and writer Joseph Campbell believed common to stories found all over the world: fear of death; need for love and … Continue reading

From Wildlife of Detroit

There had been a wildness in him always, which is why his father had insisted he become a scientist, to tame his feral mind. He was sent to board at the St. Paul’s School for Young Men in Montreal and … Continue reading

Write for the reader

Your writing’s fantastic, so exquisite, you think, there’s no question it will elevate the reader to love and hope or reduce him to tears. Maybe because you’re so moved by your characters your head’s on the table in a flood … Continue reading

Write fiction to last

This is for every writer who gets up early in the morning to write stories before going to work, for the writer who takes a boring job that pays barely enough to cover the rent ─ say night attendant in … Continue reading